Movie Review: RockNRolla

June 21, 2012

“You see that pack of Virginia killing sticks on the end of the piano?”

“All you need to know about life is retained in those four walls. You will notice that one of your personalities is seduced by the illusions of grandeur – the gold packet of king size with a regal insignia, an attractive implication towards grandeur and wealth, the subtle suggestion that cigarettes are indeed your royal and loyal friends, and that, is a lie.”

“Your other personality is trying to draw your attention to the flip side of the discussion, written in boring bold black and white, it’s a statement that these neat little soldiers of death and in fact trying to kill you and that, is the truth.”

“Oh, beauty is a beguiling call to death and I’m addicted to the sweet pitch of its siren.”

– Johnny Quid

(The movie is not good.)

Five minutes of gut-wrenching, almost unendurable social gore which then became actually unwatchable. A must see.


October 22, 2011

Been listening to this. Iron. I love that huge brass sound.

The Wire

June 15, 2011

A ballad to the projects and the cops who love them.


June 3, 2011

After watching this 5 and a half hour dramatization of a Venezuelan revolutionary/terrorist I am left with only a strange feeling that I’ve just watched several hours of people getting in and out of cars as they depart and arrive in various locales. Regardless of that, I enjoyed it and I do love the style.