August 21, 2012

“Return of the prodigal son,” my father says, in that resolutely opaque humourous display of his.

I swallow the retort in my throat, and reply with a terse, “Hi Dad.”

He slaps me on the shoulder and I cringe inwardly, but stiffen and expand outwardly, keeping my face carefully and obviously blank, trying to ignore the friendly gesture that I transform emotionally into a perverted display of force and dominion and willingness to forget the unspoken past.

I take off my shoes and enter, secretly eager to leave this calcified ritual behind.

I never forget and I never will.

Face Book

August 11, 2012

Ads are starting to filter through my ad-blocker on my browser. I now get snippets of ads, broken text, and nothing to click on. It’s as though they’re tired of trying to coerce me into buying their product, and they just want to have a regular conversation.

I was going to write something important here, but then I lost it.

It’s all bouncing around in my head, but impossible to place into coherent words. Oh well. Is this what people call ADHD?

I even wrote some quick notes:

– information
– on importance
– on the minimum threshold
– on specific knowledge
– on usefulness (impact)
– on rarity and the finiteness of useful knowledge and the devaluation of the individual life
– on the decrease in rarity with the offsiting of knowledge onto the online hive-mind
– on the shift from importance of knowledge to the importance of experiences
– on the failure of the education system to adapt to this shift in focus (teaching things that no longer need to be taught)

Not sure what my point is or if there even is one.

I read this article about ants and it basically said that each individual ant just has basic instincts to follow scent, to move around, detect their immediate surroundings, random roaming, and not tread on each other. Like little machines that can work autonomously and be lost without too much concern. The end result increases the survival of the anthill. The loss of individuality and that feeling of personal importance feels like an affront, but maybe  we should be more like ants.


August 1, 2012