Day One

June 28, 2011

State my assumptions:

1. I exist as an entity beyond my physical body.

2. My physical body exists within a universal reality.

3. Other bodies in this universe must also house an entity that is similar to mine.


a. Other entities must go through the same internal processes that I do.

b. By studying my own internal behaviour I can understand the observed behaviour of other entities.

This is full of errors.


June 26, 2011

I’m lying on my bed and watching the evening sunlight creep across the walls. I hold up my hand to catch these lingering moments of orange glow. Pleased, I hoist my legs up into the light and watch as the tops of my swollen feet light up in red. It’s hollow in there; just sloshing water. I still don’t understand why.


June 24, 2011

I like him immediately.

He says amiably, “I am heading out of town for the weekend.”

I glance at the blue sky, the sun burns on my skin, “You’re going to have a beautiful time.”

I don’t want to stare but he has arms like my father. They are wiry and old, like coils of rope; freckled and spotted with a scattering of reddish-grey hairs. He has bright eyes.


June 23, 2011

He flops down next to her on the greying cushions and wrinkles his nose.

“Smells like elementary school lunch boxes,” he says wryly.

“It always smells like that here,” she replies, the greasy texture of worn upholstery beneath her fingertips, “Like the souls of a thousand children haunt this place, mine among them.”

“You were a smelly kid,” he teases.

“I probably smell more now.”

“You grew into it.”

“Stephen Hawking has overcome a crippling disease to become the supernova of world physics. Unable to write, or even to speak clearly; he is leaping beyond relativity, beyond quantum mechanics, beyond the big bang, to the ‘dance of geometry’ that created the universe.” – Timothy Ferris, Vanity Fair

“Even as he sits helpless in his wheelchair, his mind seems to soar ever more brilliantly across the vastness of space and time to unlock the secrets of the universe.” – Time

The Dancer

June 16, 2011

Images of her flashed in his mind and shattered panes of drifting colour washing over finally resting eyes.

Bright blue eyes watched and he was mesmerized by their beauty. Caught by more than beauty; by the sharpness of her gaze.

He could never know if her gaze judged or not. It did not matter. He easily filled her eyes with purpose and just as easily tore them out.

He wrought a dance of Fall from the emptying vessel of his corpus. He adorned his stage with gleaming baubles.

He learned his solemn stalking dance, pulling abruptly at rigid legs, clattering across the forest floor.

Her gaze followed him, drinking him in, and he fed her the movements he suspected she wanted. She looked away.

He continued his dance, casting to and fro to find her, but found her not. His stage lay tattered until all lustre faded.

Somewhere, deep in the verdant forest, beautiful footprints trace an awkward dance on an overgrown stage.


June 16, 2011

The existence of knowledge outside to our experience is no longer relevant. The only frontiers of knowing are at the barest fringes of the human experience, and at that which can only be coloured by one’s own self. The majority of things can now be offloaded onto the internet (i.e. Wikipedia) and forgotten, for the mind treats it as an extra-corporeal memory bank. Thus, a new structure emerges to differentiate from knowledge that is learned by investment, or acquired by experience. Which is more important?

The Wire

June 15, 2011

A ballad to the projects and the cops who love them.


June 15, 2011

I like this a lot. (Unfortunately, a product of Photoshop.)


June 12, 2011

There are times when I eat where I am not aware of the process of food traveling into my stomach. The matter exists outside of my body, but I am only aware of this fact post-ingestion as a priori.